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  • aluminum framed dry erase calendar
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  • None of our printing can be felt on a finished product. There are no raised lines or lettering on the surface of the board.

Clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities often use dry erase boards to schedule procedures, track patient locations and to communicate patient information. While these dry erase boards have been ideal for medical purposes, they are also very convenient and easy to update information on day to day basis. Let’s figure out how a dry erase board can be important for a hospital.

A dry erase board can be used in hospitals for improving patient experience and coordination of care between a relative of the patient and the patient itself. Patient health is one of the most important priorities for any doctor and while all the details information is kept in separate files and papers of patients, sometimes there is a need to have the important details to be easily accessible. Nurses and doctors can keep a track of patient’s moods, symptoms, their positions, their pain levels and the progress they make. If symptoms change regularly, using a dry erase board may be a great way to compare the overall performance of a patient and can help in diagnosing what exactly is wrong with a person. Dry erase boards are almost helpful in every medical setting because nurses, doctors and other medical staff have to go through long hours of shifts with lots of patients, they may tend to forget and confuse the symptoms, diagnoses and other details of the patient after working for twelve straight hours. Hence, it can be concluded here that a dry erase board comes in handy as a reminder for the doctors about the patient’s condition and other relevant information.

Dry erase boards are also great for scheduling information. They are a great way of keeping doctors, nurses and patients fully aware and updated. Physicians can use a dry erase board for writing their names to make it easy for the patient to remember their name as the shifts keep changing. Other helpful information that can be mentioned on a dry erase board of a patient can be his room number, emergency contact number and person in case of any situation and if there are any surgeries that are to be held in the upcoming days.

Last but not the least, the most important purpose of a dry erase board in a hospital is messaging and scheduling. Hospital scheduling is pretty hectic. They have long wide dry erase boards that help in organizing staff and nurse scheduling. It also is used to mention any changes that are made.

With the use of having a dry erase board in hospitals, many hospitals have seen improvements in patient satisfaction and brought them and the hospital staff as well a little ease. Dry erase boards are also a cost effective methods of scheduling duties and assigning tasks to the doctors, nurses and the overall hospital staff. They do not require much maintenance as well as are can be used for a very long time.