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When it comes to a dry erase whiteboards; Flex-A-Chart Mfg manufactures the best. Our magnetic dry erase whiteboards are high quality porcelain on steel which carries a 50 year warranty on the writing surface. You might also check out our new and improved non-magnetic dry erase whiteboards. Our porcelain surface non-magnetic dry erase whiteboards are 20 times the quality of traditional melamine dry erase whiteboards that only have an expected life of five years. Our non-magnetic dry erase whiteboards have a porcelain surface that has a thirty year guarantee. We offer our dry erase whiteboards in standard sizes or we will custom make the size you need. The dry erase whiteboards are offered in aluminum or wood frame. We not only manufacture dry erase whiteboards and dry erase easels, we also have a full line of different types of writing surfaces. There are many types of dry erase whiteboards and dry erase surfaces. We also have the low gloss surface whiteboard that is perfect for projecting without hotspots.

All of our dry erase whiteboards are made in the U.S.A. All dry erase whiteboards are in stock and ready to ship.

dry erase whiteboards are a source through which a person can write and erase the information on. These dry erase whiteboards are mostly used in professional world and schools. In short, the major function of such dry erase whiteboards is to convey the text and the meaning of a text to be conveyed to a larger audience.

When one talks about importance of using a dry erase board, it can be said that they are highly safe, easy to use and can be effortlessly cleaned without leaving any residue on hands.

A dry erase board is important to use specially in schools for the purpose of learning and explaining things to the students which can’t be explained otherwise by just communicating verbally. Sometimes, it gets difficult to prove your point hence; a dry erase board comes in handy. Other than that, mathematical calculations are also something which can’t be done and can’t be understood by others without explaining it by writing. So basically, a dry erase board is a perfect wall setting to cater numerous people to see and understand the important things as a person cannot go individually to everyone present in a room and make them understand by repeating the same thing again and again. These boards also help students to engage in every lesson and moreover, they also find it fun. Mistakes can easily be brushed off.

dry erase whiteboards are also important to be used in offices, especially in meetings where a presenter has to present his points to the group of people attending the meetings or when someone has to jot down the minutes or important points discussed in a meeting. It makes it easier for the employees to understand the main agenda of the meeting and the points discussed in it.

A dry erase board can be used as a daily reminder in homes as well. For instance, writing on a board about things to do for a particular day so that you can sum and plan up your entire day accordingly without forgetting an important task to do.

Many restaurants, usually fine dining restaurants also keep a medium sized dry erase board to attract the customers for their “special dishes of the day”. Hospitals also use such boards to assign duties to the doctors and schedule their timings of their duties.

In fact, one of the most important uses of a dry erase board is that it encourages people to save paper. A school teacher already has a lot of material to grade, an office person has a lot of other files and important documents to look into so using a dry erase board simply helps them use less of a paper work and more of quick information on a board.

In short, a dry erase board comes in handy when one wants to target a big audience and can’t convey their point of view or their message individually.

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