Dry Erase Calendars




Flex-A-Chart carries premium quality dry erase calendars that make scheduling for businesses, schools, hospitals and government easier. We will add a free personalized header at no additional charge. Our units come in sizes 16″ x 12″ up to a 4′ x 8′. These are available with a magnetic surface having a 50 year surface guarantee, and in non-magnetic dry erase surface having a 30 year surface guarantee. This premium product will last a lifetime and will not fade, ghost or stain. We offer our these in a black or silver aluminum frame, with or without marker trays, or a beautiful wood frame including oak, cherry, and black. We can also design your school or office dry erase calendar to have your own personal logo faded into the background. All Logos are sent for approval. Our company has over 25 years experience in producing these dry erase calendars. You can be assured we have the experience to meet all of your custom needs. We have the best Customer Service, all of our customer service representatives are trained to answer any questions you may have concerning ordering your dry erase calendar. We offer these dry erase calendars in 1 full month up to 12 full months. We can customize your days of the week to meet your needs. All dry erase calendars are made to order and are approximately 2-3 weeks lead time.  During our busy season lead time may be extended. These premium dry erase calendars are proudly manufactured in the USA, supporting the american work force in a little town 30 miles north of Memphis TN, called Burlison TN.

Dry erase boards have been in the use by plenty of people for a few decades now for various reasons and very little has changed in the way they work. It has always and still works the same way; write, erase and repeat. With such a tool, there have been lots of variations on how it can be used. One of the most effective and commonly used forms of a dry erase board is a dry erase calendar.

Suppose, you work at an office and have a hectic job role that requires in meeting deadlines on daily basis. This is when a dry ease calendar comes in handy, especially if you prefer a tangible calendar. Not only it helps in encouraging constant deadline awareness but also at – a – glance referencing and up – to – the – minute accuracy.

A dry erase calendar is also easy to use and always in front of your eyes which gives you a constant reminder of getting things done on time, mainly if you are someone who has a bad habit of forgetting important things.

As the name suggests, “dry erase”, it is simpler to use as one just have to clean and use. Every day, one can utilize the board by just simple erasing and writing on what needs to be done on what date. Basically, a dry erase calendar works as a tangible reminder.

A dry erase calendar comes in different styles and can be custom made as per your need and requirement. For instance; one week calendar, one month calendar, six month calendar and twelve months calendar. Not only that, a dry erase calendar can also have a side bar section for other purposes of writing other important notes or putting up post it additions.

These calendars are helpful in designating your work on daily, weekly or monthly basis which overall helps a person to plan up their upcoming days.

Another major benefit of a dry erase calendar is that you can decorate it and be as much creative as you can with it. Being creative with such erase boards keeps you motivated to use them regularly which in return makes a person punctual on getting things done.

So whether there are any meetings, parties, games, sport game practices, matches, tournaments, events, recitals or whatever it is, with the help of keeping and maintaining a dry erase calendar, one can always get their work done on time. In other words, this tangible calendar is a way to keep up with everything as keeping it all together is important. Consider how you are using your walls in your work place, school or home with a dry erase calendar. If you are curious on how it is going to work, one can always get a board on rent or get an inexpensive one to figure out how it works. It is for sure that once you start using a dry erase calendar, you will understand the importance of it.